Great Lakes Compact May be Headed to Congress Soon!

Great Lakes Compact May be Headed to Congress Soon!

In May the Michigan and Wisconsin legislatures passed the Compact out of both legislative chambers. While the Wisconsin environmental community is largely satisfied with the Compact’s accompanying legislation, Michigan’s environmental community is still fighting for accompanying legislation that would strongly protect Michigan’s water resources. “We are really rallying folks to contact our state lawmakers in a massive way -now more than ever” stated Cyndi Roper, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. “Thousands of people have been calling their lawmakers asking them for their support of the House package -the one the Michigan environmental community supports. We need to keep those calls and emails flooding in.” On the east side of the Great Lakes basin, after much debate, the Ohio Senate and, again, House are expected to pass the Compact within the next few weeks. Lastly, Pennsylvania is expected to pass the Compact out of both chambers by late summer.

With Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania expected to ratify the Compact in the coming months in addition to Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and New York’s ratification, the Council of Great Lakes Governors held a briefing with Congressional staff to warm them up for a smooth introduction of the Compact before Congress.



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