Freshwater Future’s Help is Only a Phone Call or Email Away

Freshwater Future’s Help is Only a Phone Call or Email Away

Is your project or issue? Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure of the best next step? Are your communications falling flat? Sometimes all it takes is an outside ear and objective help. Freshwater Future staff can provide that outside assistance with the added benefit of an understanding of what it takes to make a project successful. Our staff is available for a very reasonable cost to help your group get organized, clear up your message, and find ways to reenergize and work together.

After working with grassroots groups for over 12 years, we have learned some of the key ingredients that are shared by successful efforts. One of the biggest key’s to success is asking for help and assistance.

“If we could have had Freshwater Future staff help us with campaign organizing in the beginning we would have saved much time and better anticipated future hurdles.” Mary Jo Cullen formerly with Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay shared.

Freshwater Future staff can help with organizational development needs such as:

  • Forming a new organization
  • Planning for the future
  • Building a budget
  • Building a sustainable fundraising plan
  • Deciding when an organization is no longer needed and how to dissolve
  • Developing a volunteer program

We also can offer a special workshop for your organization’s leader to address programmatic needs such as campaign/project planning, restoration planning, keeping the work positive, and grassroots the entrepreneurial way. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Freshwater Future uses the latest technology such as web and teleconferences, but good old fashioned face to face visits would work too.

Visit our website for more detail on specific programs we offer. Or please just give us a call we can talk with you to determine if our services are the best fit for your organization at this time or direct to others to keep your effort moving forward.



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