Don’t Let This Be Your Last Issue

Don’t Let This Be Your Last Issue

Freshwater Future has gone through considerable change recently, from creating a stand-alone 501© (3) organization in late 2006 to changing its name in late 2007. In that time we’ve also launched an exciting new membership program. This program helps us better connect with individual needs, provide you with information in the format you like and supports our efforts to assist local communities in protecting their water resources.

After this issue of Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat News, we will be sending the newsletter only to paid members of Freshwater Future. We are so glad you have indicated interest in our Great Lakes and truly want you to continue to stay informed about freshwater issues and happenings. Please join Freshwater Future today to help support the protection of our Great Lakes and to continue to receive member benefits such as this newsletter.

We know that you won’t want to miss out on what is happening around your Great Lake or the entire basin. Our newsletter contains up-to-date information about policy happenings in the US and Canada. You can find other kindred spirits, working on similar issues, and learn from each other. Besides receiving the newsletter, becoming a member of Freshwater Future has many other benefits including:

  • Satisfaction of knowing you are helping to preserve and protect a global treasure
  • Opportunities to participate in Great Lakes advocacy
  • Receive special member “Action Alerts” on policy issues, with tips on how to get involved
  • Receive one-hour of consulting time from Freshwater Future staff members
  • Access to Members Only section (coming soon) of, containing an array of tools, updates, issue materials, and more.

Your local efforts to protect our rivers, lakes and wetland have impacts far beyond your community. By protecting and restoring communities all across the Great Lakes we raise our collective voice and protect our Great Lakes as a whole. We thank you for all you do and ask you to join Freshwater Future today so we can continue to protect our Great Lakes home together. Please take the time to join today, a membership form is provided on page 9. Thanks in advance for your support.



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West Grand Boulevard Collaborative, & Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.