Susie Schreiber wins 2007 Advocate Award

Susie Schreiber wins 2007 Advocate Award

Susie Schreiber has some good advice for grassroots citizen efforts, “Be nice. Be patient. Be persistent.” This approach has gotten Susie far. It also got her the 2007 Grassroots Advocate Award from the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund, presented at the Grassroots Symposium on October 19.

For over a decade Susie has led the Waukegan Harbor Area of Concern Citizen’s Advisory Group. Through her leadership much has been accomplished to clean up Waukegan Harbor including the removal of tremendous amounts of contaminated sediments from the harbor and adjacent industrial sites. But Susie has extended her work to the community – by successfully developing and implementing hands-on service learning educational projects with local elementary schools to build awareness and appreciation of local waterways. Her work has connected students in Waukegan to the incredible resource in their backyard – Lake Michigan and across the world to Lake Baikal in Russia, where a partnership allows the students to share results from research projects.

“Susie truly deserves this award for her infinite energy and resolve to protect, restore, and educate about Waukegan, Illinois waterways,” stated Jill Ryan, Executive Director of Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund when giving the award.

Susie’s kindness, patience, and persistence have reached out beyond the students including their families, elected officials and businesses. Susie is an incredible champion for both the people and the water resources in her community. Congratulations to Susie for her well-deserved award!



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