Now that the DEQ comment period is closed, what’s next?

Now that the DEQ comment period is closed, what’s next?

THANK YOU for speaking out and sending in comments during the public comment period, which ended on October 17th. A decision from the DEQ is not expected until early 2008. What can we do until then you might ask? Now we need to contact our elected officials.Why? Because they need to hear that this problem belongs to all of Michigan. Ultimately, this is a political issue and the politicians can make a diffence. Let them know there has never been a metallic sulfide mine that has not polluted its watershed across the United States. And don’t forget to send letters to the editor of your newspaper! Check out Save The Wild UP’s website where you can learn more about Kennecott’s proposal tomine in the headwaters of the Salmon Trout River, a pristine tributary of Lake Superior and home to the endangered coaster brook trout: Then contact your legislators and Governor Granholm.

You can also support the effort by donating and downloading a new song written by Daisy May Erlewine on Save theWild UP’s website. It is a touching tribute and a reminder of why we all work so hard to protect the spectacular waters that make this region so special. One stanza is below.

A Letter from Downstream
by Daisy May Erlewine

Me and my babies,we’re gonna
live downstream
From that sulfide mine in the UP
And all that poison will run
through our veins
Like it will run through the river
on the Yellow Dog Plains



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