Director’s Notes: Feeling Too Busy? You Are Not Alone!

Director’s Notes: Feeling Too Busy? You Are Not Alone!

by Jill Ryan

With pressures of work, family, service to our community and participating in local water issues, we can all feel overburdened and overworked at times. Not to mention, when is there time to relax and have fun!

While I certainly can’t take those pressures or time constraints away for any of us, I do hope that a gentle reminder to take stock in ourselves might bring some inspiration. In another part of my life, I participate in my local Kiwanis Club. While I occasionally question whether I have time to attend a meeting or participate in another service project, I try to bring myself back to my most critical question: what good will it do in the community? As I recently reviewed all that our club had accomplished in the past year I was astounded at the great things a few dozen people had accomplished by coming together with the goal of serving the community.

I believe if we take stock of our projects to protect our local water resources we will find we are similarly astounded and inspired. Each of our efforts to ensure the health of our communities for future generations is multiplied by those around us working on similar issues. Not just those efforts in our own localities, but around the Great Lakes and around the world.

So please, take a few minutes, sit back and relax and take stock of all of the good things you and those around you are doing to make this world a better place now and into the future. Then consider sharing those great things with other members of your group. It is in the moments we stop to help others that I believe we find the most meaning in our time.

Seek to do good, and you will find that happiness will run after you.
– James Freeman Clarke



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