Action Alert!: Make Your Voice Heard on the Kennecott Mining Proposal in the Upper Peninsula

Action Alert!: Make Your Voice Heard on the Kennecott Mining Proposal in the Upper Peninsula

By Save the Wild U.P.

It’s time to speak out! “The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is extending the deadline for its proposed decision on the application for a Mining Permit for the proposed Eagle Project mine until January 9, 2007. The extension allows time for public comment on Kennecott’s response to DEQ’s list of 91 technical deficiencies in the permit application.”

Explanation of the DEQ decision:

1. The DEQ is giving the opportunity for the public to comment on Kennecott’s responses to the 91 deficiencies.

2. This public comment period lasts from now to December 26, 2006.

3. The DEQ will make their proposed decision on January 9, 2007.

4. On Janurary 9, 2006 they will also give the date for the Public Hearing(s) on the mining application – probably sometime in mid-February.

5. The DEQ will consolidate the public hearings required for the other applications (Groundwater Discharge, Air Quality) into the same hearing time frame – sounds like a multiple day hearing.

What would we like you to do?

1. Write to the DEQ before Dec 26. More details including suggested comments are available on our website, You should send your comments to: Steven Wilson, Office of Geological Survey P.O. Box 30256, Lansing, MI 48909-7756 • E-mail

2. Attend the public meetings; these are yet to be scheduled. The three major permit applications for this project (air groundwater and mining), are most likely going to be combined. Save the Wild U.P. will make every effort to publicize the dates and times of these meetings when the DEQ releases that information. Please check-in to the Save the Wild U.P. website often:


Thank you for interest in this issue, if you would like more information:

Please visit our website at: or e-mail us at


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