Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPs) released for all five Great Lakes

These comprehensive, binational environmental plans provide lake-by-lake details on the steps needed to ensure protection, restoration and environmental maintenance of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. They highlight successes, identify problems, and propose solutions. The LaMPs may be found on EPA’s web site at:

Design Your Own Media Workshop
The Community Media Workshop offers specialized private workshops on media literacy for grassroots organizations. They will help create and conduct an ‘affordably priced’ workshop that catered to your group. CMW, ‘Connecting the Community with Media, the Workshop promotes news that Matters,’ has worked with coalitions as different as the Statewide Housing Action Coalition, Chicago Foundation for Women, and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. From spokesperson training, to strategic communications planning, they say:‘we can give you the training you need.’
To learn more, visit

Science in Your Watershed
A project of the United States Geological Survey,“the purpose of this site is to help you find scientific information organized on a watershed basis. This information, coupled with observations and measurements made by the watershed groups, provides a powerful foundation for characterizing, assessing, analyzing, and maintaining the status and health of a watershed.” This web site provides access to: ‘Map Your Watershed’ tools, “Information Discovery” tools and “Data Integration” tools. Check out: we_are_doing/1058

Free EPA Watershed Training Opportunities Booklet
The booklet provides brief information on EPA-sponsored live training courses,Web-based training opportunities including webcasts, training materials such as documents and videos, and watershed-related web sites that are available to EPA staff and others.This booklet updates an earlier version of the booklet also called EPA Watershed Training Opportunities. Call the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) at: 800-490-9198 or 513-489-8190 (please include the document number when you request copies- EPA 841-B-06-001) to request your free copy. The booklet is also available on the Watershed Academy Web site at: wtopps.html.

Free Web Help provides, in addition to free nonprofit incorporation assistance, various forms of technological assistance, including free web design services, and web hosting, to nonprofit organizations charities in the US and Canada.

New Environmentally Friendly Email Service Available, a ThinkHost socially responsible project, is a free email service powered by wind and solar-sourced energy. CommunityMail offers a wide range of features including shareable address books, calendars, and user-friendly interfaces. Visit the website listed above to find out how to sign up for this environmentally friendly e-mail service.



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