Director’s Notes: Great Lakes Stormwater

Director’s Notes: Great Lakes Stormwater

by Jill Ryan

This issue of the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat News focuses on several pieces of legislation that have been passed, as well as several local efforts to ensure appropriate implementation of existing laws. By working both at the policy level – helping to create laws and regulations that are protective of our lakes, rivers and wetlands, and at the community level – ensuring that proposed projects meet the requirements of our laws and regulations, our efforts are maximized.

You may ask how you can get involved at the regional or national level if you are spending so much of your valuable time working on a project in your community. We hope to help you with that. By utilizing electronic tools such as e-mail alerts and action alerts on our website, we will be bringing you important information about regional and national policy initiatives that may impact your local community. Our goal is to provide you with occasional information about the most pressing issues that may impact your local work and how you can have your voice heard.

By working together in this way, we can minimize the time each of us has to spend deciding which policy efforts will impact each community project and maximize our collective voice. I hope you will keep an eye open for these alerts from GLAHNF and let us know what you think of this service.

Individually,we are one drop. Together,we are an ocean. – Ryunosuke Satoro



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