An Open Letter to Grassroots Advocates in the Saginaw Bay area

An Open Letter to Grassroots Advocates in the Saginaw Bay area

Re-printed above is an editorial by the Bay City Times about the state of citizen involvement in the Public Advisory Committee (known locally as the Partnership for the Saginaw Bay Watershed) for the Saginaw River/Bay Area of Concern.

Put simply – they need your help!

The Saginaw Bay could be so much more of an asset to the region. Instead it’s getting by on life support.

The Partnership for the Saginaw Bay Watershed has done some great work already. In 2000 they published Measures of Success a guidebook that greatly informed the State of Michigan’s efforts to develop criteria for taking the state’s 14 polluted areas off the Areas of Concern list.

But they can’t move onto the next critical stage of actually tackling the issues comprehensively without full community support. As the Lake Advisor for the U.S. portion of the Lake Huron basin, I pledge to help the Partnership benefit from the GLAHNF network by facilitating information sharing from similar groups in other Areas of Concern, like Waukegon Harbor.

If you’d like to get more involved please contact the Michigan DEQ liaison to the Partnership, Michelle Selzer at (517) 241-3731.

Chris Grubb, GLAHNF Lake Huron Lake Advisor – U.S. Side
PH: 734-769-3351 • E-mail:



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