What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

Got a problem with contaminated stormwater? Always document what you see.Write down the time, the date, what it looks like,how it’s contaminated, the source,and if there are people, birds, or fish in the area. Then tell someone. Too often we forget to report stormwater because it seems so routine. Anywhere in Ontario, you can call 1-866-MOE-TIPS to report pollution. When you do, you start creating an official record of the problem. Also, publish it on your web site and notify your local councillor. If it’s an ongoing problem or a real threat to the environment, file an Application for Investigation with the Environment Commissioner of Ontario and ask the Ministry of Environment. If it’s a chronic problem with too many sources to pinpoint, maybe you need a new policy or law. You can file an Application for Review with the province, or educate your local councillor about the need for a bylaw. And don’t forget to push for funding. If your organization has a mandate to lobby, it’s always good to remind government about the need for capital improvements. No one gets elected promising to put more sewers in the ground, unless they have support from the grassroots!



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