Director’s Notes: Focus on Strengths

Director’s Notes: Focus on Strengths

by Jill Ryan

As we approach the end of the year, I find this is a good time to take stock of strengths; personal strengths as well as organizational strengths. We often tend to focus our time trying to “fix” our shortcomings rather than plowing forward at what we do so well. By spending our time on our strong points, we will generally accomplish a great deal more than if we spend our time trying to struggle with the tasks we find most difficult.

You might ask, if we don’t spend time on our weaknesses how will we get all the work done? There are several suggested strategies an organization can utilize to manage their weaknesses. First, survey your members to find the strengths of each individual so you can divide up tasks into things people enjoy and at which they excel. Second, for the things for which no internal strength can be found, seek out the advice of an expert in that area. Finally, collaborate with other organizations in order to complement each group’s areas of strength.

In the end, a few minutes spent thinking about strengths and how you can capitalize on them, as well as areas of weakness and how you can cope with rather than correct them will help your work flow more smoothly in the coming year.

“The keystone of high achievement and happiness is exercising your strengths, not correcting your weaknesses.”
– Martin E.P. Seligman



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