Movement to Restore the Great Lakes Gains Momentum

Movement to Restore the Great Lakes Gains Momentum

Citizens, industry leaders, government officials, Tribal representatives, and conservationists gathered September 8th-9th in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the First Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference to encourage state and federal elected officials to invest billions of dollars to clean up the Great Lakes. The conference was modeled after the Everglades Coalition annual conferences, which were essential for winning billions of state and federal dollars to restore the Florida Everglades. The Great Lakes Restoration conference comes as the movement to restore the Great Lakes gains momentum, stemming in large part from the July release of a $20 billion plan to restore the Great Lakes ecosystem. The plan was drafted as part of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration, a fast-track process established by President Bush to craft a Great Lakes restoration plan. For more information on Great Lakes Restoration, visit:



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