GLAHNF Lake Michigan Advisor Rolls out New Name

GLAHNF Lake Michigan Advisor Rolls out New Name

Thirty-five years after becoming what is now the oldest Great Lakes organization in North America representing citizens who care about the region’s waters, the Lake Michigan Federation is changing its name to the Alliance for the Great Lakes. The Federation will remain a project of the Alliance to work on issues of particular concern to the largest lake within U.S. borders.

With the announcement, the Alliance will continue working on Basin-wide policies including the Council of Great Lakes Governors’ water conservation agreement, while mobilizing local efforts to punctuate the need for such policies. The Alliance will also continue to work in partnership with other organizations already doing excellent work in the Basin. Key goals for the coming years will be implementation of the Alliance’s volunteer Adopt-a-Beach program on other lakes, enhancement and broadening of our educational curriculum and urban habitat recovery initiative, and other programs throughout the region.

For more information on the new Alliance for the Great Lakes, contact Cameron Davis at the Alliance for the Great Lakes at 312-939-0838×2 or



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