Prospects for Fish Communities in Lake Huron

Prospects for Fish Communities in Lake Huron

By Linda Pim

At the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Lake Huron Office of the Upper Great Lakes Management Unit is working on Environmental Objectives (EOs) for Lake Huron. The objectives document provides a summary of the major environmental impediments to achieving Fish Community Objectives in Lake Huron. The draft EOs were developed under the auspices of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) by the Lake Huron Technical Committee’s Environmental Objectives Working Group, with funding from the GLFC.

A copy of the entire draft EOs can be found on the GLFC

The Environmental Objectives for Lake Huron represent a preliminary effort at developing a strategic approach towards addressing the environmental constraints affecting fish communities throughout Lake Huron.

Although at publication date of this edition of GLAHNews, the deadline for comments on the draft EOs has just passed, please visit the above website and for further information, contact Arunas Liskauskas, management biologist, at or call (519) 371-5927.



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