Do You Have A Legal Question?
If you have a legal question regarding a bill currently pending in Congress or a state legislature, The Sea Grant Law Center can help. The general public is encouraged to submit legal questions through their local Sea Grant office. The center’s standard response time is two weeks. For additional information on the Sea Grant Law Center and its services, contact Stephanie Showalter, director, at 662.915.7775 or

Heavy Metal:
In a new report, Mercury in the Mid-Atlantic: Are States Meeting the Challenge? New York receives mediocre grades for its efforts to reduce mercury pollution and exposure. The report, produced jointly by the National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Advocates of New York and the New York Public Interest Research Group, is available on the web at

How Much Does Using Recycled Paper Help The Environment?
The Neehah Paper Company has created an Environmental Savings Account to show the amount of water, energy, waste and resources saved by choosing various grades of recycledcontent paper. See and click on the calculator icon for more information.

Johns Hopkins develops promising catalysts for ground-water clean-up.
University researchers have developed new catalysts, called corrolazines, which can degrade chlorinated compounds in ground water into harmless components. While research is in early stages, the development could help at remediation sites with intractable ground-water contamination. See

Restoration announcement:
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council has launched a new a c t i o n – o r i e n t e d website to promote G r e a t L a k e s Restoration. The site is designed to be a one-stop-shop for advocates to learn more about and get involved in the current policy initiatives to restore the Great Lakes. Visitors can also read and submit information about restoration projects around the Basin

NOAA Sea Grant Unveils Restyled National Web Site
To learn about the latest Sea Grant research, education and outreach projects on a national basis, visit, the revamped National Sea GrantWeb site.

Nonprofit Provides Free Internet services To Charities is a nonprofit organization working to change the world via the Internet at the local, national, and international level. serves other nonprofit organizations by providing free Internet services, including full-featured web hosting and email services, as well as free legal consulting on matters such as incorporation, application for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status, general employment, and tax and risk management issues. focuses on serving non-religious organizations involved in education, environmentalism, humanitarian relief, fighting disease, homeless issues, crime control, political freedom, government reform, consumer protection, youth issues, addiction and other non-legislative causes.Visit the above website for more information.



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