Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee Zoning Success

Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee Zoning Success

Logan Pond is located in the city of Sarnia, along the Lake Huron shore where the lake empties into the St. Clair River. The pond is a remnant from sand and gravel extraction activities that naturally filled with water. It now covers about 14 acres, averaging about four metres (13 feet) deep. The pond has naturalized over the years and provides a stopover for migrating birds. It is now managed by the Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee (SUWC), which has been actively conserving natural areas throughout Sarnia since 1994.

The Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee has worked to ensure that the land uses surrounding the pond are beneficial to the pond habitat, including securing a six-metre (20-foot) naturalized buffer around the pond’s edge from existing development, which has attracted more wildlife to the site. Problems arose when new homes were built and the buffer was not secured along the water’s edge. Along this side of the pond, a naturalized buffer does not exist and the pond is being significantly damaged by some landowners.

In 2003, the SUWC approached their city council to ask council to officially recognize Logan Pond as a special natural area in the city’s official plan, proposing a passive green space with limited recreational access. A zoning bylaw amendment was passed by council to support the proposal. SUWC is now working to ensure Logan Pond is restored and that the negative impacts do not continue.

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