Proposed Petroleum Coke Power Plants Sound Alarm

Proposed Petroleum Coke Power Plants Sound Alarm

In June of 2004, the Ontario Ministry of Environment announced that the US-based Synfuel’s power plant proposal would be required to perform an Environmental Assessment under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act. Synfuel’s plans have grown to include three new power plants on or near Lake Superior; two near Thunder Bay, and one about an hour north in Red Rock. While the new gasification technology proposed is said to produce far less air pollution, the proposed fuel—a refinery by-product known as petroleum coke—has raised red flags with environmentalists. US facilities using this fuel are being watched closely by the US EPA. One site in Los Angeles is under an order for cleanup from leachate contamination and EPA is working on a nationwide rule for the fuel. For more information on the proposed plants on Lake Superior visit Concerned Citizens against Synfuel at:



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