Director’s Notes: Focus on Communications

Director’s Notes: Focus on Communications

This edition of the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat News is ded- icated to communicating water resource issues in the Great Lakes Basin. This is GLAHNF’s second year of focusing on annual themes to highlight issues and tools of interest to grassroots advocates. Our 2005 theme is Great Lakes Connecting Communities: Communicating Aquatic Habitat Messages.

I hope this edition of the newsletter as well as the other communications tools we have assembled will be of use to you in your local work. This theme cuts across all habitat issues from rivers to wetlands to lakes, as we all need to communicate effective messages to create maximum impact.

In addition to this newsletter, you will be receiving a “Communications” edition of our annual report of success stories. We have created a “Communications Toolbox,” which contains materials such as sample documents, images, research and more. To receive your copy of the Toolbox CD-ROM, please call Marci at 231-347-1181, ext 107. Quantities are limited, so please act quickly.

As always, I am privileged to be part of your network and look forward to hearing more outstanding reports of your efforts to protect our aquatic habitats throughout the Great Lakes Basin.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”
-James Humes


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