Former Ohio Hub Molly Flanagan (OEC) to be US Lake Erie Advisor

Former Ohio Hub Molly Flanagan (OEC) to be US Lake Erie Advisor

As Director of Lake Erie Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) and GLAHF’s Lake Advisor for the US side of Lake Erie. Molly Flanagan has been able to fulfill a dream of working to protect and improve Ohio’s environment. Molly is especially excited to be doing work on the Great Lakes, Lake Erie in particular. She explains, “The Great Lakes are one of our nation’s most precious natural resources. The Great Lakes are a national treasure and one of the wonders of the world. I feel honored to have a job I love that allows me to work at protecting and restoring Lake Erie for all Ohioans.”

Molly began working at the OEC in June 2002, shortly after graduating from Denison University with a BA in Environmental Studies. Molly works in the OEC’s water program and her work is focused primarily on issues affecting Lake Erie.

In her role at the OEC, Molly has helped to organize and launch the Northeast Ohio Watershed (NEOW) Council with a two-pronged mission to provide networking and mentoring opportunities for watershed groups in Northeast Ohio and to provide a forum for advocacy positions to be taken on local, regional and state water quality issues.

Additionally, Molly is actively working to promote Great Lakes Restoration legislation that would provide a significant downpayment to jump-start the region’s restoration efforts. Molly has helped the OEC take the lead role in the State of Ohio on creating an enforceable water management system for the protection of Ohio’s water supplies from overuse, exploitation, and diversions based on the nonbinding principles established in the Great Lakes Charter Annex – a regional Great Lakes campaign.

Molly was delighted to become GLAHNF’s Ohio Hub in 2003 and now to be taking on the role of Lake Erie Advisor because of the close relationship between GLAHNF’s mission and the OEC’s own mission, which is to inform, unite, and empower citizens to take action to protect and restore Ohio’s environment and natural resources. She continues to be impressed by the critical support that GLAHNF provides to grassroots groups throughout the Great Lakes Basin.

The OEC has been behind the scenes and on the front lines of some of Ohio’s most critical environmental battles. For over 30 years, citizens across Ohio have counted on the OEC to be their voice in the Statehouse—fighting to protect Ohio’s environment and vanishing open space. The OEC works hard every day to continue to unite Ohio’s conservation and environmental community to keep watch of Ohio’s air and water quality, take action to better environmental policies, and make change for a greener tomorrow.

Molly firmly believes that GLAHNF can help Lake Erie groups to meet and overcome the many challenges facing Lake Erie, so that they are even better prepared to fight for the lakes, streams, and wetlands they love.

Molly is excited about her role as the Lake Erie Advisor for GLAHNF. Molly says,“I continue to be highly impressed by the commitment of the GLAHNF network to protect and restore the ecological integrity of the Great Lakes Basin. It is obvious to me that GLAHNF has the expertise and commitment to be a positive, effective force in the Great Lakes environmental community. I am honored to be a part of this movement.” For more information about the OEC, please visit



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