Mark Your Calendar

Mark Your Calendar

October 5, 2004, Great Lakes Commission 2004 Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario. Held at the Delta Chelsea Hotel, this year’s meeting is held in conjunction with the binational State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC), immediately following at the same location. Contact: Mike Donahue, phone: 734-971-9153, E-mail:

October 6-8, 2004, State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference 2004, Toronto, Ontario. The 6th biennial State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC), in which the governments of Canada and the United States of America will assess and report on the condition of the Great Lakes Basin ecosystem. E-mail:

October 14-16, 2004, Urban Waterfronts 22: Gathering By the Waters, Milwaukee,Wisconsin. Meet the pioneers, the movers and shakers in the field of urban waterfront management and learn about the issues and new approaches involved. An optional workshop will provide an opportunity to share concerns and knowledge while learning first-hand about the difficulties faced in a lake/river environment. E-mail:

October 19-22, 2004, Wetlands 2004: Protecting Wetlands of International Significance, Kansas City, Missouri. This national symposium and optional field seminar, held along the Central Flyway, is designed to help build the capacity of states, local governments, federal agencies, and others to help monitor, assess, protect and restore wetlands of international significance. Contact: Sharon Weaver, phone: 518-872-1804, e-mail:

November 16-18, 2004, Safe Water: At What Cost? Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Hosted by the Upper Lakes Environmental Research Network (ULERN), this conference will focus on a range of issues of interest to small water system users. Renowned scientist and environmentalist David Suziki will be the lead speaker. Contact: Angie Wagner, phone: 705-541-5762, e-mail:awagner.ulern@nrcan.gc.can

November 30 – December 1, 2004, Great Lakes Beach Association Meeting, Parma, Ohio. The purpose of this free meeting is to share local, county, state, and regional beach information between beach managers, coordinators, researchers, and other interested people. Contact: Shannon Briggs, e-mail:



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