Lake Superior Waterkeeper Bob Olsgard to be Lake Superior Advisor

Lake Superior Waterkeeper Bob Olsgard to be Lake Superior Advisor

Organized in the late 1980s, the Lake Superior Alliance (Alliance) began as an environmental coalition to bring together all of Lake Superior’s environmental and conservation advocates to speak with one strong voice on behalf of Lake Superior’s clean water and critical habitat under the banner of the zero discharge demonstration zone.

Since its beginning as a coalition the Alliance has evolved into a nonprofit organization. The Alliance’s members are grassroots groups located within the Lake Superior basin, individuals and families, and regional and national groups.The Alliance office is located in Ashland, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior’s southwestern shore.

The Alliance began as a means for local groups to band together to help each other in local efforts. Since our beginnings we have focused our efforts on building the capacity for local advocacy. To accomplish that we work to gather and share information about threats and protection opportunities for Lake Superior. Through publications, the internet, and local community meetings the Alliance has worked hard to make sure that the right information gets to the people who need it when an environmental decision is pending. For the past 13 years the Alliance has published Superior Vision, a broadly distributed periodical filled with news about protecting Lake Superior. The Alliance also maintains an electronic mail listserv—superior-eco—to foster online networking, a toll free phone number and a web site at:

Lake Superior Waterkeeper Bob Olsgard has been working on Lake Superior protection issues since 1990 when he helped produce an award-winning series of radio commentaries which aired throughout the basin. He began working for the Alliance in 1995. Olsgard’s background runs the gamut from fine-art photographs to journalism to local government. Through all of those activities, Olsgard emphasizes the central theme: connecting people with information and sometimes inspiration to help protect the place he loves. In addition to his role as Lake Superior Waterkeeper, Olsgard is editor and publisher of Superior Vision.

Bob has lent his expertise as a member of the GLAHNF Advisory panel since GLAHNF’s beginnings and looks forward to the new collaboration to provide a host of services to grassroots groups working in the Lake Superior basin.



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