Great Lakes – Great Success – The Many Faces of Great Lakes Restoration Work

Great Lakes – Great Success – The Many Faces of Great Lakes Restoration Work

By: Chris Grubb Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

In thinking about how Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council could best support a large scale restoration effort for the Great Lakes, we realized that ecosystem restoration itself is a concept that most people don’t fully grasp. What people do grasp are degraded and lost wetlands, PCB contaminated rivers, dramatic fish population declines from invasive species, and other examples where the Great Lakes region has a long way to go in restoring its ecosystems. In 2003 the Joyce Foundation generously supported the Watershed Council and other organizations to promote a large scale ecosystem restoration initiative in the Great Lakes. Of particular interest to GLAHNF groups is an upcoming publication of ecosystem restoration success stories that highlights projects across the Basin. These stories help put a face on restoration work and serve as models for future restoration projects.

A call for restoration success story ideas went out to the GLAHNF network and other groups in early 2004. Many groups from throughout the basin were eager to share their success, and we received over 30 story ideas. During the winter and spring months, we conducted phone interviews and other research about the story ideas that came in. The phone interviews and other research were used to help craft personable stories that run the gamut from wetland restoration to shoreline “brownfield” redevelopment; and from contaminated sediment cleanup to the greening of the birthplace of the assembly line. The following are a few teasers of stories from the upcoming publication. Look for the publication to reach your mail box this fall!



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