GLAHNF Welcomes New Lake Advisors and Bids Farewell to Former Network Hub Structure

GLAHNF Welcomes New Lake Advisors and Bids Farewell to Former Network Hub Structure

As you probably know, the GLAHNF network structure has recently changed. I am thrilled in this issue of the GLAHNews to introduce to you the new Lake Advisors that will take your calls to help with networking and assist in finding resources for your projects. Our hope is that you will find this new structure, arranged around the basin of each Great Lake, a helpful tool for locating the resources you need and connecting with people doing similar work in your region. On the following pages you will find short articles from each Lake Advisor describing their organizations and how they hope to provide services through GLAHNF.

At the same time, I fondly bid farewell to our former Network Hubs. These Hubs have served us well over the past eight years and we gratefully thank each of you for your service and expertise. It was with the input and insight from these Network Hubs that we were able to decide that our structure really needed an overhaul.

We are indebted to our former Network Hubs and Advisors for their hard work and honest evaluation of our programs in creating this new structure to better serve grassroots advocates in the Great Lakes Basin. You will find final articles from each Network Hub in this issue, highlighting issues of interest in each Great Lakes state and province.

Please do not hesitate to call on me should you have any questions or concerns about the new GLAHNF structure or who to call for specific networking assistance in your area. Thank you for your continued diligent work on behalf of lakes, rivers and wetlands in this wonderful place in which we live.



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