Director’s Notes: Focus on Wetlands

Director’s Notes: Focus on Wetlands

by Jill Ryan

This edition of the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat News is dedicated to wetland issues in the Great Lakes Basin. GLAHNF has decided to focus on different themes as a way to highlight issues of interest and importance to citizens and grassroots groups. Our first theme is C.P.R. for Wetlands (Conserve, Protect, and Restore): breathing new life into our sense of place.

We hope this edition of the newsletter as well as the other wetland resources we have pulled together in the packet of wetland information will be of use to you in your local work. For groups working to protect or restore wetlands,we hope this information will provide tools to help with your current wetland work. For groups working on river, lake, or shoreline issues, we hope these materials will prove useful in your work to educate others about the connection between water resources such as lakes, rivers, wetlands and ground water.

This is also a request for your assistance. This is the first theme project we have undertaken, so we need some feedback from you. Please take a few minutes after reviewing the materials to return the assessment form included in the wetland packet. This will help us to understand how useful you think the materials might be in your work and your ideas of how you may use them. We will follow-up with another assessment in late spring to determine whether you have had opportunities to utilize the resources.

Thank you for your continued efforts to protect our water resources throughout the Great Lakes Basin.


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