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Web Resources

Seize the Initiative by Gregory L. Colvin and Lowell Finley, a publication by The Alliance for Justice. This book is a tool for nonprofit organizations on the legal do’s and don’ts of “seizing the initiative” in their communities. Seize the Initiative is offered in recognition of the growing activism among nonprofit organizations and their experiences in ballot measure campaigns. Phone: (202) 822-6070, E-mail: alliance@afj.org,Website:www.afj.org

Worry-Free Lobbying for Nonprofits by the Alliance for Justice was written to stimulate the interest of foundations and public charities to explore how lobbying can be conducted legally and effectively via the 501(h) election. Phone: (202) 822-6070, E-mail: alliance@afj.org,Website:www.afj.org

Bookmark www.GreatLakesDirectory.org for information on Great Lakes funders, articles on important issues within the Great Lakes Basin, a directory of over 1,000 Great Lakes organizations, stories of successful grassroots projects from around the Basin, and more.

Bookmark www.glhabitat.org for the latest funding information from the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund and for an up-to-date listing of groups and projects that have been funded. You will also find grant application and reporting forms.


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