Director’s Notes: Change

Director’s Notes: Change

by Jill Ryan

This issue of the GLAHNews focuses a great deal on positive changes happening around the Basin. Changes can be hard to accept, yet often the work we are trying to accomplish to protect aquatic habitats requires changes in policies, plans, thinking, and more.

I find Kevin Blanchard’s seven dynamics of change help me understand how people may react to change in particular ways, 1) people will feel awkward, ill-at-ease and self-conscious, 2) people initially focus on what they have to give up, 3) people will feel alone even if everyone else is going through the same change, 4) people can handle only so much change, 5) people are at different levels of readiness for change, 6) people will be concerned that they don’t have enough resources, and 7) if you take the pressure off, people will revert back to their old behavior. (

Understanding these dynamics can help us manage changes that are needed, whether they are at home, in our organization, or in our community. As you consider the changes you are trying to bring about, keep these dynamics in mind as a way of being prepared for some of the challenges you may face. But by all means, do continue to work for those important changes. After all, nothing endures but change. Heraclitus (540 BC – 480 BC).



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