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Mark Your Calendar

August 23 – September 21, 2003, 2003 Coastweeks, Ohio’s Lake Erie Shore, coordinated by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission.
Environmental organizations, schools, libraries, community groups and individuals throughout the Lake Erie region are encouraged to plan activities for the 2003 Coastweeks observance.
For more information contact: Jill Woodyard at 419-245-2514, E-mail:, or visit

August 29-30, 2003, Purple Loosestrife Workshop Spooner,WI
A free workshop to share information, pool ideas, and forge strategies to control this invasive plant. Participants will be trained in the Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s Purple Loosestrife Monitoring Program.
For more information contact:Wendy Smith at 219-926-7561 ext. 349, E-mail:

September 7-12, 2003, Temperate Wetland Restoration Training Course Romulus, MI, Ontario, Canada, held by Trent University
This course offers practical field sessions and classroom instruction on the principles and techniques of wetland restoration. The course travels to several stops within southern and central Ontario to show a variety of wetland types and methods of restoration.
For more information contact: Leslie Collins at 705-755-2269, E-mail:, or visit

September 8-11, 2003, 11th National Nonpoint Source Monitoring Workshop, Dearborn, Mich.
This workshop will share information on the effectiveness of best management practices in improving water quality, effective monitoring techniques, and statistical analysis of watershed data.
For more information contact: Tammy Taylor at 765-494-1814, E-mail:, or visit

September 13-21, 2003, Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Canadian Shorelines, presented by Friends of the Environment Foundation
Join thousands of volunteers across Canada to clean up river, stream, lake, and ocean shorelines.
For more information contact: Lisa Richardson at 416-848-7603, E-mail:, or visit



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