Environmental Advocates of New York to Serve as the New GLAHNF New York Hub

Environmental Advocates of New York to Serve as the New GLAHNF New York Hub

By Karen De Vito

Beginning this July, Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY) began serving as the New York Hub of the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund. Environmental Advocates of New York is a 501 (c)(3) statewide advocacy organization that serves the people of New York as an effective and aggressive watchdog and advocate on nearly every important state environmental issue. Through advocacy, coalition building, citizen education, and policy development, we work to safeguard public health and preserve our unique natural heritage. For 34 years, EANY has sought to represent the environmental and public health concerns of all of New York State and to advocate for solutions to the most critical statewide ecological concerns.

EANY currently has programs in the following areas:

Contaminated Land: Cleaning up Superfund and brownfield sites
Clean Air and Energy: Reforming power plant siting, protecting air quality, and encouraging clean energy
Global Warming:Working for a cap on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and launching the 10% Challenge
Recycling and Waste Management: Expanding the bottle bill, banning burn barrels, and managing e-waste and tires
Pesticides: Banning aesthetic use of pesticides and addressing urban pesticide use
Environmental Health: Reducing mercury risk, increasing nuclear safety, creating healthy schools, and advocating for environmental justice
Water and Wetlands:Working on Great Lakes Water diversion,water issues in the Susquehenna River Basin, PCBs, and protecting New York’s wetlands
Adirondacks, Parks, and Wilderness: Promoting land acquisition, sound parks and forest management practices, and preserving the Environmental Protection Fund
Regulatory Watch: Keeping our eye on the agencies that develop policy and enforce environmental laws
As part of our initiative to achieve a stronger presence in western New York, EANY recently created a Western New York Advisory Board. Through the Board, we hope to gain a clearer understanding of the most important environmental issues in western New York and provide better representation for these issues in Albany.

Since our creation, we have consistently been involved in water and aquatic habitat issues. As the New York State affiliate to the National Wildlife Federation, we have been actively advocating for support of the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act, which would reaffirm historical jurisdiction of the 1972 Clean Water Act. We are currently active participants in the Great Lakes Annex project and have recently become more involved in wetlands protection as a result of the SWANCC decision and federal threats to the Clean Water Act. Our efforts concerning increased protection of wetlands at the state level are described in greater detail below.

If you would like to receive any additional information about Environmental Advocates of New York and our work as the New York GLAHNF Hub, please contact Karen De Vito at (518) 462-5526 ext. 235, or kdevito@eany.org.


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