Director’s Notes: Changing Faces

Director’s Notes: Changing Faces

by Jill Ryan

As with any group, the faces making up the GLAHNF Advisory Panel change from time to time. The past few months have been no exception.

This issue’s Wisconsin Update highlights the exciting new position that Todd Ambs, former GLAHNF Advisory Panel member and Executive Director of River Alliance of Wisconsin, has taken as the Administrator of the Division of Water for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.We wish Todd the best of luck in this endeavor and know that he brings a great deal of experience, passion, and dedication to his new position working for Wisconsin’s waters.We will miss your commitment and enthusiasm on the Advisory Panel Todd.

We are also happy to welcome some new members to the Advisory Panel. Merritt Frey has graciously agreed to join our group of advisors representing the national group Clean Water Network. Julie Sibbing, of the National Wildlife Federation has recently rejoined GLAHNF as an advisor, after having served as the original Ohio hub coordinator in the early history of GLAHNF. Finally,Walt Pomeroy has joined our group of advisors representing the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers.

Thank you so much to both the incoming and outgoing members of the GLAHNF advisory panel. Your input, insight, and hard work continue to help shape GLAHNF in its mission of empowering citizens to take action at the community level to protect aquatic habitats in the Great Lakes Basin. We are grateful for your time, expertise, and dedication in helping us meet this mission.

I hope the changing faces in your organization bring as much insight, energy, creativity, and enthusiasm as ours continually bring to GLAHNF.


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