Climate Change Nails Great Lakes Region; Yet Duluth Cuts Climate Change Program

Climate Change Nails Great Lakes Region; Yet Duluth Cuts Climate Change Program

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released an intense climate change report that says the Greenhouse Effect is already producing “dire consequences”. President Bush scoffed at the report, calling it the product of “bureaucrats”.The report specifically states:”For the Great Lakes region, the next century could bring one of the greatest environmental transformations since the end of the last Ice Age.” The study goes on to say that the bulk of the catastrophe is already beginning now and will continue to worsen through the next few decades. This comes as no surprise, as nearly half of the U.S. underwent severe drought conditions during the summer of 2002. Despite these warnings, the City of Duluth recently made major cuts in its “Cities for Climate Change Protection Program.”

In the spring of 2002, the Duluth City Council passed resolutions stating that Lake Superior’s future is being jeopardized by climate change. The resolution went on to say that the City of Duluth has a responsibility to cut greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, a city government greenhouse gas emissions inventory was held, and a staff person was hired to focus on this issue. Due to a tight city budget, that position has now been cut. Whether the program is permanently discontinued or temporarily stalled will be determined at future City Council meetings.


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