Volume 10, Number 5 • Winter 2002/2003

Volume 10, Number 5 • Winter 2002/2003

Victory for the Cloud Bay Wetland

Director’s Notes: Building…

Great Lakes United Building Regional Coalition

Indiana Update

Sandra L. Wilmore
Save the Dunes Conservation Fund

Indiana Case Threatens Wetlands Protection

The Pines Update: Residents with contaminated wells resort to suing landfill owners to get action

Illinois Update

By: Joel Brammeier
Lake Michigan Federation

Smart Stormwater Management In Waukegan

Beach Contamination A Growing Problem For Illinois

Ohio Update

By Kate Pilacky,
GLAHNF Advisory Panel Member

Preserving Shoreline Habitat on East Sandusky Bay

Atikameg Environmental Committee

Michigan Update

Scott McEwen
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Coastal Wetlands In Peril

Minnesota Update

Craig Minowa

National Geographic Comes to Duluth

Climate Change Nails Great Lakes Region; Yet Duluth Cuts Climate Change Program

Spirit Mountain Scandal Continues

Pennsylvania Update

Presque Isle Bay May Drop ‘Area of Concern’

Office of the Great Lakes has New Director

Ontario Update

Drinking Water Source Protection Needs Good Watershed Planning

Protecting Aquatic Habitats with Smart Growth

Wisconsin Update

Gas Pipelines Spell Disaster for Wetlands

Watch Out… Purple Loosestrife!

West Bend Airport Plans Stalled… Briefly

Year of Water Declared for 2003

Indigenous Peoples Update

Indigenous Organizational Development Benefits and Challenges Workshop

New York Update

New York State Turning on the Great Lakes Navigation System Review

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