Watershed Toxic Waste Problems: Put In Your Two Cents

Watershed Toxic Waste Problems: Put In Your Two Cents

Are you sick of having to deal with the toxic waste dump along Duluth’s lower St. Louis River? Well you finally have a chance to do something about it. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is looking for citizen input to assess the environmental damage that has taken place on and near this 255 acre Superfund site. The land and water was contaminated by 4 companies from 1904 until 1962, and they’re responsible to help with the clean-up. The MPCA says this public feedback and damage assessment will determine the clean-up plan, as well as any compensation issues that may have arisen.

Speaking of the dire need for citizen input, John Guenther, Regional Administrator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Lead Authorized Official for the natural resource damage assessment said, “People who live and work along the Lower St. Louis River, and especially those that enjoy fishing, boating, and seeing the many different kinds of plants and wildlife, know first-hand the incredible resources the river has to offer. These individuals and groups, such as the St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee (SLRCAC), are very important to help make sure the trustees are working in the right direction to restore natural resources at the site. ”

To see the current clean-up plan, go to http://www. pca. state. mn.us/news/data/index. cfm?PN=1.

More info? Lynelle Hanson at the SLRCAC: 733-9520 or MPCA’s Anne Perry Moore 723-2356.


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