“Waters of Wisconsin” Initiative

“Waters of Wisconsin” Initiative

The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters has undertaken a statewide program with a focus on water—called “The Waters of Wisconsin” initiative. This program entails a thorough investigation into the status, conservation, and sustainability of the state’s water resources—both groundwater and surface waters that include our drinking water, lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands. The Academy has engaged a team of scientists and water specialists from throughout the state, together with prominent advisors from diverse sectors of the community, to gather information, undertake research, and prepare status reports on our water resources. The Academy has held several public forums around the state to introduce the Waters of Wisconsin initiative. The program will culminate in a statewide forum on the state’s water resources to be held October 21-22, 2002 in Madison. The October forum will also mark the 30th anniversary of the federal Clean Water Act. Following the forum, a special volume of the Academy’s Transactions will be devoted to water in 2003. For more information on the water initiative and forum, visit the Academy’s website: www.wisconsinacademy.org.



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