State of the Coast 2002

State of the Coast 2002

In April 2002, over 150 people representing a variety of constituencies along Minnesota’s Lake Superior “North Shore” gathered for a day-long meeting. It continued what has become an annual discussion about the issues facing the North Shore community – and Lake Superior – as increased development pressures continue and the economic landscape of the area changes.

In addition to learning “what and how are we doing”, participants heard about the lessons that the communities in the Lake Tahoe Watershed have been learning in their efforts to “Keep Tahoe Blue.”

Through a decades-long process, a regional agency with regulatory authority — the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency — now controls development, using specific environmental thresholds as guides, within the small Lake Tahoe Watershed.

The agency operates under a guiding principle gleaned from then-Vice President Al Gore at a 1997 meeting in Tahoe – that “the environment is the economy and the economy is the environment.”



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