Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

September 8-13, 2002 
Temperate Wetland
Restoration Training Course 

Ontario, various sites
This intensive course, which travels to various wetland restoration sites throughout southern Ontario, teaches the principles of temperate wetland restoration and techniques for restoration. It is a joint venture of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment Canada, Ducks Unlimited and Trent University. Contact: Leslie Collins
Phone: (705)-755-2269 E-mail:

October 18, 2002
Year of Clean Water 2002 

Oct. 18, 2002, will mark the 30th Anniversary of the enactment of the U.S. Clean Water Act. Throughout the year, government agencies and private organizations will sponsor national and watershed-specific events to promote public involvement, provide education and outreach, support technical exchange and document the current status of water quality. Join the celebration and recommitment!



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