New Administrative Rules Facilitate Wetland Restoration

New Administrative Rules Facilitate Wetland Restoration

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and a team of wetland restoration professionals from various agencies and the private sector have developed a set of administrative rules, NR 353, that will greatly expedite the permitting process for sound wetland restoration projects. Prior to the rules, restoration projects that included ditch filling, small berm construction, and soil removal needed many months or even more than a year to process. Under the new rules, a permit will be granted in 30 days if the application is complete. Furthermore, wetland “enhancements” that were constructed prior to 1991 will be grandfathered under the new rules, and no permit will be required to maintain existing dikes and ditches for these projects once a management plan is developed and provided to the DNR. The rules are in the final stage of development and should be approved by the Natural Resources Board this summer.


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