Living Green Conference

Living Green Conference

Environmental activists and citizens from around northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin gathered on March 2nd for the 10th Annual Living Green Conference. It was a valuable opportunity to learn from local experts about the latest environmental issues ranging from a proposed and dramatic increase in coal-fired power plants in the region to global warming and how Minnesota’s boreal forest ecosystem may, in 40–50 years, be a thing of the past.

Over 225 people gathered to learn, network, and restore that bank of internal energy that provides the fuel to do the valuable advocacy work on behalf of our water, air, and earth resources. Whether she was an activist making key connections or he was a citizen learning about recycling his computer, the afternoon was informative, fun, and also a celebration of many successes.


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Images courtesy of Steven Huyser-Honig,
West Grand Boulevard Collaborative, & Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.