Input Sought for Great Lakes Action Agenda

Input Sought for Great Lakes Action Agenda

Spring is a time of renewal in the cycles of life. We are reminded and give thanks whenever we see spring blossoms, spawning fish, beavers, and muskrats building their water homes, melodic if not also deafening sounds of the peepers crying for warm rain, hawks and herons building their nests, and the coming of children for all.

As humans, we can renew and develop our relationship with the natural world that provides us with all we need for good health. One way we can ensure that the natural world, especially the biodiversity of our Great Lakes Basin, continues is to teach us, our communities, and especially our children how to identify the plants and animals, what their values are, and how, when, and where to find them. Elders tell us that as we continue to know and value the natural world, so we will protect them for generations to come.

Great Lakes United asks for input in developing the Great Lakes Action Agenda from Indigenous communities in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Basin. The agendas will be discussed at the Great Lakes United Annual General Meeting, June 7 to 9 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Great Lakes Action Agenda will consolidate and detail the environmental and conservation communities’ collective goals, timelines, and strategies for the improvements needed to assure a sustainable Great Lakes ecosystem for generations to come. It will be a statement of policy and funding recommendations based on initiatives already well developed by the Basin’s environmental and conservation community. It will serve as a reference framework to groups working on these issues and as a platform for delegations seeking state, provincial, tribal, and federal support for Great Lakes initiatives. As it evolves, the document will also identify gaps in research, planning, and consensus-building for participants and for funders.

Contacts from Great Lakes United and leaders from various organizations will assemble and coordinate participants as they articulate the various sections of the agenda. The agenda will consist of six plans that address Green Energy, Toxic Cleanup, Clean Production, Sustainable Waters, Habitat, and Biodiversity plans. For more information or to help with the preparation of a section, please contact Maria Maybee at Great Lakes United 716-886-0142.



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