End of the Road for Dombind

End of the Road for Dombind

Environmentalists are cheering the end of the legal gymnastics performed over the last four years by Norampac, Inc., which has offered the dioxin-containing liquid waste called Dombind free of charge to Ontario municipalities as a dust suppressant for rural roads. The water-soluble waste tends to wash off roads and contaminate aquatic habitats. In February, the company lost its final court bid to appeal rulings from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and the Environmental Review Tribunal that required the company’s Trenton mill (on the Trent River near Lake Ontario) to stop giving away Dombind by October 31, 2002 and to install proper waste treatment technology. Ontario citizens’ groups that have fought for the Dombind ban over the past five years — Quinte Watershed Cleanup, Federation of Ontario Naturalists, and Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations — are grateful to GLAHNF for its financial assistance in this campaign. The MOE needed that extra nudge from the NGOs to bring this polluter to heel. WE made it happen!


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