The Northeast Midwest Institute has a website that has many links to Great Lakes issues. The guidebook Revealing the Economic Value of Protecting the Great Lakes, discussing an economic analysis of environmental benefits in the Great Lakes region, is just one example of what this site offers.
This site, created by Clean Water Action Council of Northeastern Wisconsin, was developed as a public service site to provide “one stop shopping” for people with questions about PCB’s, particularly in the Lake Michigan, Fox River (Green Bay) area.
Report pollution in your area, talk with Lake Ontario Keeper staff about local concerns, and check out their audio and video files, case studies, field notes, and a detailed list of links to other Lake Ontario/Great Lakes sources.
The Waterfront Regeneration Trust from Toronto is an independent, registered Canadian charity that brings together people, ideas, and resources to work toward regeneration of waterfronts in urban areas, focusing on restoring damaged environments, providing habitat for nature in urban shoreline areas, and other aquatic habitat issues.


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