Indiana Prepares New List of Impaired Waters in 2002

Indiana Prepares New List of Impaired Waters in 2002

Save the Dunes and the Hoosier Environmental Council are collaborating to urge Indiana citizens to be aware of and engaged in the development of Indiana’s List of Impaired Waters. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Office of Water Quality is updating the List, as required by Section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act. This listing process is a first step toward cleanup of significantly degraded waters and depends in part on input from local citizens knowledgeable about area streams, lakes, and rivers.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has scheduled three statewide public meetings to discuss the list and obtain input from citizens (March 5 in Indianapolis, March 19 in Jasper, and March 27 in Plymouth). The public will have the opportunity to review the list, and offer comments and suggestions as to the specific water bodies included. Any person having water quality data to support or refute the listing of a specific water body or to add a water body to the list is encouraged to comment. The list must be submitted to the EPA by October 1, 2002.

Indiana’s current List of Impaired Waters was prepared in 1998 and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in February of 1999. It can be found on IDEM’s website at (Select ‘Browse Topics’ and ‘Water’.) For further information, contact Tim Kroeker at (317)-308-3205, or call IDEM’s toll free number (800)-451-6027.



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