Wisconsin InterNetwork – Grassroots Activism Goes High-Tech

Wisconsin InterNetwork – Grassroots Activism Goes High-Tech

Wisconsin’s environmental and conservation organizations have joined in a collaborative effort with the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund to usher in the next phase of expanding environmental responsibility in this state. This effort, known as the Wisconsin InterNetwork (WIN), utilizes a state-of-the-art electronic action alert system. The new system will provide the collective community of Wisconsin organizations with a powerful means for getting their collaborative message out to elected officials, administrative decision makers, and leaders in big business and industry.

WIN promises to help revolutionize the way concerned citizens join forces to exercise greater influence over issues that affect the state of Wisconsin’s ecological well-being. From agricultural practices to air and water quality, the mechanism of WIN dramatically streamlines the process by which individual activists hear, learn, and act upon key issues – issues where time is of the essence.

WIN is revolutionary in that it does not simply produce an email message to decision-makers – these are easily overlooked and disregarded. WIN activists are provided with a template that they are able to customize to include personalized comments. When sent, the WIN end product is a fax, sent directly to the decision-maker’s office. These hard-copy letters, signed with individual citizens’ names and sent en masse, will provide a powerful message where it is needed most. WIN-participating organizations then have access to periodic feedback regarding activity on individual alerts – critical information that provides an understanding of how their involvement impacted an issue.

WIN alerts will be distributed 10 times a year for the first year. To join the network, visit www.actionnetwork.org and click on the Wisconsin InterNetwork button. Then look for the first action alert coming soon!


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