New, Reduced Plans for Cleanup of Superfund Site

New, Reduced Plans for Cleanup of Superfund Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved changes to an aggressive clean up plan for the Conrail Superfund Site. The site consists of an Elkhart rail yard and adjacent neighborhoods and is contaminated with carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene. The contaminants, first discovered 14 years ago, have leaked from the rail yard into the ground water and are present in some areas at several hundred times the level allowed by EPA safety standards. The new plan excludes an original strategy for digging up pollution sources up to 100 feet below ground at the rail yard. Instead, Conrail has been ordered to contain pollution at the site, which they argued stands the best chance of eventually eradicating pollution from the neighborhoods. Conrail will save an estimated $10.4 million because of the new plan. In exchange, they are investigating pollution sources at the Osceola Drag Strip and will eliminate or contain any sources found. The Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN) is satisfied with the new plan so long as it is put into action soon. If attempts are made to modify the new plan, they will fight for improvements.

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