Indiana Clear Water Revival!

Indiana Clear Water Revival!

This November 18 and 19, Save the Dunes Conservation Fund is hosting the Indiana Clear Water Revival at the Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center. There will be several presentations on the status of issues such as Combined Sewer Overflows and Total Maximum Daily Loads, but our primary goal is to address the feasibility of stepping up to a state-wide network for clean water in Indiana. There has been substantial interest in such an effort since the horrific fish kill on White River in December of 1999 (see May-June newsletter). We intend to build on this momentum and hope to identify next steps and significant role players at the Clear Water Revival meeting. We are working with many others, including the Sierra Club, Friends of White River, the Hoosier Environmental Council, and the Grand Cal Task Force. For further information, contact Sandra Wilmore at (219) 879-3564 or email:


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