Citizen Guidebook and Video Target Dam Removal

Citizen Guidebook and Video Target Dam Removal

A new guidebook, Dam Removal: A Citizen’s Guide to Restoring Rivers, will be available from River Alliance of Wisconsin this November. The selective removal of old, obsolete dams constitutes one of the most significant and plausible tools for river restoration in the country. The Citizen’s Guide, written for citizens and local officials alike, is based on experiences with small dam removal in Wisconsin. However, the techniques outlined in this comprehensive guidebook are applicable to dam removal initiatives across the country. Topics covered by the guide include: how to undertake initial research, gathering information on repair and removal options, tools for dam removal, strategic advocacy, and post-dam removal restoration. Contact the River Alliance for a copy: (608) 257-2424 or

A video on the option of dam removal is also available in November. The video, developed in collaboration with River Alliance of Wisconsin, National Park Service, Trout Unlimited, American Rivers, the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Natural resources Council of Maine, highlights case studies of successful dam removal in Wisconsin, Maine and California. This 20-minute video is an excellent resource to show at local meetings where dam removal is being considered as an option. The video was funded by the Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Resource Association. For a copy of the video, contact: River Alliance of Wisconsin, (608) 257-2424 or


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