Announcing A new Great Lakes book … just in time for Christmas!

Announcing A new Great Lakes book … just in time for Christmas!

by Linda Pim

Voices for the Watershed is a unique and international look at the vast and ecologically interconnected region of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence watershed, including the headwater and upland regions. With contributions from experts from the United States, Quebec and Ontario, this book offers an accessible introduction to the issues affecting the quality of our most precious natural resources — clean, fresh water and healthy aquatic habitats.

Although the Great Lakes ecosystem is under siege from pollution and habitat loss, the situation is not hopeless. Through words and photographs, Voices for the Watershed examines the effects of pollution and other threats on wildlife and human health while also demonstrating that citizens’ involvement in environmental action can make a real difference.

Voices for the Watershed: Environmental Issues in the Great lakes – St. Lawrence Drainage Basin

Edited by Gregor Beck and Bruce Littlejohn
McGill-Queen’s University Press
ISBN 0-7735-2003-1 (hardcover)
300 pages

$32.95 (US) $39.95 (Can.)


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