A Note from the Editor: Future Reflections

A Note from the Editor: Future Reflections

I was asked recently to describe my vision for the environmental “movement” in the year 2025. This question really got me thinking about my work and whether it is helping propel us in a direction I would like to see the environmental “movement” go. Although I don’t have a complete answer to that question, I think it is an important one to keep asking of ourselves as we plan our work and look to the future. I am always looking for ways to incorporate the “big picture,” and thinking about how our work fits with and gives direction to the environmental “movement” is a good way to do that.

Here is an Op-Ed piece I would like to be able to write for my local paper in 2025:

The environmental “movement” in this new age of environmental responsibility is shaping the way we live in the United States. The strong community support for preserving and improving our environmental heritage, that began early this century, has created an extraordinary group of visionary environmental leaders.

These visionaries are found in all aspects of American leadership, including elected officials, heads of business, and conservation organizations. Together, these protectors of our heritage are paving the way to not only protect the environmental resources of our nation, but to improve them and ensure their viability for future generations.

The real strength of this movement has come from the ground up, with concerned citizens demanding that the leaders of this country protect our air, water, food supply, health, and natural beauty. Political and business leaders have responded to this national mindset for protecting and conserving our natural environment by enlisting scientific guidance upon which world and national policies of all kinds are being shaped.

We have all seen these changes in our way of life in this country. Manufacturers now base their engineering decisions and advertising on real environmental consequences. Power generating plants increasingly use renewable energy sources. Homes are equipped with water and energy saving appliances. The list goes on, but you know the results. We are all enjoying new health benefits, increased opportunities to enjoy the out of doors, and a sense of accomplishment for taking responsibility for our actions and impacts.


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