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Website Resources

(River restoration) Dam Removal Resources:

Dam Removal Success Stories: Restoring Rivers Through Selective Removal of Dams That Don’t Make Sense has been released by American Rivers, Friends of the Earth and Trout Unlimited. The report documents more than 465 dams that have been removed across the country and includes 25 detailed case studies of dam removal success stories. To read the report, press releases and other information on dam removal, visit:

Nationwide Rivers Inventory, Online Resource:

Nationwide Rivers Inventory (NRI) lists more than 3000 free- flowing river segments in the United States that possess “outstandingly remarkable” natural or cultural values. All federal agencies must seek to avoid or mitigate actions that would adversely affect NRI segments. The inventory can provide the location of the nearest naturally-functioning system that might serve as a reference for monitoring activities, a listing of plant and animal species for restoration efforts and a listing of free-flowing, relatively undisturbed river segments. The inventory can be reached at:

Site for The National Wetlands Inventory:

The National Wetlands Inventory allows viewers to print wetland area maps off the Internet. The “Wetlands Interactive Mapper” was launched in Sept. 1999 and 39% of wetland areas for the lower 48 states are currently online, with more added as funding becomes available. The website is: Current versions of the special plant and animal lists are available on the MNFI web page. They include all federal and state listed species as well as a complete list of state special concern species.


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