Eco-Source Released to Public

Eco-Source Released to Public

Eco-Source Released to Public

The Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education (EAGLE) officially released its environmental resource project to the public this month. The resource project, entitled “Eco-Source” is a directory of the region’s environmental nonprofits, business, government agencies, and educational centers. Eco- Source is currently made up of over 70 environmental organizations, 90% of which can not be found in the area’s yellow pages and 80% of which can not be found in the phone book at all.

The hard copy of the directory includes contact information, issues of expertise, mission statements and membership information. The online resource ( includes the basic directory information, a library of articles discussing local environmental issues, a calendar of local environmental events, links to participating organization websites and emails, an Email Action Network, and a downloadable version of the booklet. EAGLE also looks forward to adding online petitions, a monthly electronic newsletter of Northern Minnesota Environmental News, ways for citizens to get more active, and tips for environmental living.


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